Manic Mission



I'm developing a Manic Miner / Impossible Mission mashup game: screens are more Manic Miner oriented but the whole map, puzzles and objective are in the style of Impossible Mission.
You visit rooms, avoid guardians (various creatures), collect keys -or other flashing items- that allow you to search pieces of furniture. You can find puzzle pieces that will help you completing your adventure. While in Impossible Mission you just find the correct orientation of puzzle pieces, in this game the puzzle blocks must be placed in a separate panel to form a picture (random drawing from Interference and Drawception).
Like Impossible Mission, once the puzzle is solved you will be able to unlock the door of the control room and stop the mad professor that is about to launch nuclear weapons.

Screens can be created with a Level Editor and users will have the ability to submit the 'rooms' they've created so other players could decide to play the standard levels or community created levels.


Some rooms include references to other old games, Skool Daze can be seen in this short gameplay:

The journey starts where Manic Miner ended (Final Barrier):

Impossible Mission elevator shafts:

In Commodore 64 palette:

The same screen in ZX Spectrum palette:

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Progress in the game development (for a more detailed Changelog check the Discord)

2021/04/05: Lag on Firefox finally fixed.

2021/03/25: Meanwhile I started creating a lot more rooms, a few more to reach 32 levels.

2021/03/11: A full game can be now completed. Start investigation why it's so slow on Firefox and Brave.

2021/02/09: Fixed random map generator, allowing larger gaps, empty areas, a more diverse map layout.

2021/01/24: Atombender's Control Room done; added Switches (MM) they can toggle visibility of blocks.

2021/01/05: Puzzle Solver done, Elevator screen map is now revealed as soon as you progress.

2021/01/02: Room Terminal interaction (snooze guardians, reset platforms)

2020/12/28: Elevator activation in shafts to navigate the map, screen scrolling vertically, show top and bottom of shafts, corridors have the same bg colour of nect room; basic map display (TODO: still no colours and all visible, no cursor)

2020/12/26: Impossible Mission elements: Random whole map generator (not a few predefined layouts as IM), another tough and fundamental task done 👌

2020/12/21: Random Puzzle pieces generator (it's been tough!) at the moment with the classic basic shapes as Impossible Mission (maybe add a few more now it works well)

2020/12/17: Impossible Mission elements, Furniture pieces: a 'Searching' popup appears now, display search progress bar. Impossible Mission-style Somersault animation (instead of simply hit top IM plaftorms and continuing the jump-walk). Somersault happens only on IM blocks, for the rest it's the usual MM jump.

2020/12/16: Impossible Mission elements, Furniture pieces: place areas in editor. Let furniture randomly appear in current test room.

2020/12/11: Impossible Mission elements: Complex lift shafts, all kind of combos, different lengths. IM-style platforms (wall-like) but hitting the head doesn't stop the jump like in MM (at least when jumping in 4-char tall corridors).

2020/12/08: Game: pixel-perfect collision with sprites. Display Air and room title.

2020/12/06: Level Editor: move blocks around by dragging. Finally edit entities colours in editor (color palette picker).

2020/12/01: Level Editor: other than default colours per Type (wall, floor, nastie etc..) and specific block colours, let's add a middle colour layer: default colour per Variant of each type.

2020/11/28: Level Editor: Long horizontal platforms stored in a single block for data optimisation. Guardians: path, animation.

2020/11/23: Level Editor (even for my convenience in testing walls/blocks). Define room and entities data format, for both import/export (storing rooms, reset current room instance).

2020/11/19: Manic Miner core behaviour, collision with blocks: walls, floors. Conveyor belts animation. ZX Spectrum style of rendering sprites and colours by 8x8 blocks. The room is just random characters (video).


	✓ Collisions with blocks on screen
	✓ Pixel-perfect collisions with sprites
	✓ 3 Palettes C64, ZXS, VIC (Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and Commodore Vic20)
	✓ Store display options (save Palette colours and which machine for sprites rendering style ZXS/C64)
	✓ TODO: whole map random generator
	✓ Room terminals
	✓ Puzzle manager UI
	✓ Load pictures from IFX and Drawception
	- TODO: store extra display options (crisp/softened pixels, bri/con/sat, scanlines?)
	- TODO: FX/music
	- TODO: Intros & decent main menu
	- TODO: (community) Submit new room