Manic Mission


Time is suspended

Hotkey 'P'

stage Completed

You've recovered a lost panel!


Buy items using your coins

Puzzle Trainer

Combine the available puzzle pieces on your left together forming full blocks. Flip pieces horizontally and vertically to see what other pieces they could fit in. At the end you can flip and move the blocks on the panel to form a complete picture

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you solved the Puzzle!

Discover more about the picture, click the image to view the drawing game featuring this piece of art, its author, the descriptions that followed it, etc...

Join the Creators' Discord for all the support in creating new levels, suggestions and also to publish Community created levels.
At the moment there's no direct "publish" button to upload your levels, just follow the instructions in the discord server to send me the room data you've saved locally. Once we have enough levels created by player the "Community created levels" option will be available!

Set Foreground color:

Set Background color:

Set Guardian color:

Set Room Background color:

Choose foregroud color:

You have to select two possible entrances to this room, on left and right walls. Please NOTE: one of the two might not be used depending on where the room will be placed on game map. So keep in mind it should be possible to complete the room starting from both doors!

Current block:

Switch control

and select on screen the blocks controlled (shown/hidden) by this switch.

Current Guardian:

Set areas where pieces of furniture may appear in the game. Make sure the bottom of each area is placed on solid platforms.