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A Palindrome is a word or a sentence that can be read forward as well as backward.

This website is not just a passive list of existing palindromes, it's the home for an active community of ingenious word-players from all over the world, all languages are welcome. Login using your Google account and start discovering the Art of palindromes, your new hobby! The editor will assist you in creating the sentence constantly mirroring the words you enter. (please note the website is still in Beta)

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Here's a list of the latest Palindrome sentences created by our Authors:

2021-08-23 01:57

O ma coi gilè, sì! Noi li milioni se li giocamo!

Lara Croft
2021-08-23 01:56

Regen? Nee... Een kat? Nee... Een ei? Bof nee...Een fobie? Nee...een tak? Nee... Een neger?

2021-06-27 15:19

E solei mettere poi operette mielose

2021-06-27 15:17

O so vabe' ma dire 'fame'?! Su daie! Sei a du semaferi da me, bavoso!

Magrata Cesnekova
2020-08-02 00:08

Emote elf to Hera: Snap! Pans are hot! Flee to me!

2018-05-29 17:15

Ardevi sole, i' che divori le povere ali di cera d'Icaro. O Egeo o l'Ade? Dedalo o... Egeo ora ci dà, recidi l'aere! Vo pe' li rovi? Deh Cielo, si vedrà

2018-05-25 18:51

Red, now Nemo women wonder

Benjamin “Dookler” Lagrandeur
2017-12-01 22:53

Star Howard made Edam draw, oh rats

2017-06-07 00:58

Eran i Mod a dominare

Lara Croft
2017-06-01 10:14

Hé! Ici, c'est sec, Siam! Non? Non mais, c'est sec ici? Eh...

2017-05-27 21:52

Saga era "Star Wars I" holos? nah... Han Solo, his Raw rats are a gas!

2017-05-27 19:52

A Città di Sutri: vacillate! Metallica virtù sì d'Attica

2017-03-29 00:39

È sera, va', balla alla bavarese!

2017-03-04 03:33

Di sera lo vedi, vola basso se lì tuona. Va' dirigibile! I cieli bigi ridavano utile SOS. Saba lo vide volare Sid.

2017-02-22 01:18

È la tana di damigelle da sera cui più là ero. Userò lavorare Sorelle, non avevo il gene d'Elle della Valle dell'Eden. Egli, ove vano nell'Eros è raro valore, suore a lui più care, sa delle Gimadi da Natale.

2017-02-12 04:09

È la tipa con il Rebus su Berlino capitale

2017-02-11 22:05

"Anno da maledire!" ...e ride la madonna

Daniela Di Scala
2017-02-05 05:22

O no sa' bro o io so' orba o a bro oso io: orba sono!

Lara Croft
2017-02-04 00:02

Elle ne mord ni lapin ni palindrome, Nelle!

2017-01-09 09:43

E lo maledirò! Forte torre eresse nello vicino medioevo donna solerte, i pesi vi divise, pietre. Lo sanno dov'è o i demoni ci vollen essere. Erro tetro fòri de la mole.

Recent Comments

2021-06-27 17:16

Per renderlo ancor più d'altri tempi basta togliere una E (in realtà due, ovviamente):
«E solei metter poi oprette mielose»

2020-08-02 00:09

Thanks! I love it!

2018-03-08 17:57

Welcome and good job Benjamin!

2017-06-09 11:12

?I'm more than impressed! ???

2017-06-08 20:56

@Lara Well it was hard but what about this:
"Elite sabre by Chewbacca, bweh! Cyber-base tile!"

2017-06-02 11:29

This is a nice one, clever idea! Now you should try with 'Chewbacca' :))

2017-05-27 23:56

And now also a beautiful picture as a tribute to both.

2017-05-13 04:49

+heracleums, as noted, you asked for feedback in the "Wordplay on G+" community. As its owner/moderator, let me thank you for visiting and offer my impression:

I think your palindrome is wonderful! Palindromes in _any_ language are difficult to create. Much harder than anagrams, my own specialty.

Your palindrome requires explanation, but it's a fun bit. Sounds almost like the premise for a science fiction novel!

Even better, your wordplay entry is _both_ a palindrome _and_ an anagram! It's a palindrome, of course, because the spelling is the same forward and backward. But it's an anagram, too, because the letters can also be rearranged to make a different sentence. For example:

"Ill-controlled barbarianism maims idle, ill-at-ease rascal."

or perhaps

"Ladies' man: ill-controlled racialism, ill-at-ease barbarism."

I imagine our colleague, +Christopher Davis, could improve on these. But I don't see how to improve on your palindrome. Thanks for posting. We look forward to your future inputs!

2017-05-12 17:25

Yes "dangerous paths" especially when we dare messing with sentences in other languages. I asked for feedback in Wordplay community on G+, let's see.

2017-02-06 15:07

Testé avec Iphone6 /ios 10 / Safari : négatif.
On ne peut pas joué au magicien avec le clavier car on est obligé de 'insérer' un caractère pour corriger (et donc remplacer) le caractère fautif.

2017-02-06 13:51

Testé avec PC / windows 10 / browser chrome OK
Iphone / ios10 / Safari : pas encore testé...

2017-02-06 13:45

J"ai trouvé l'astuce!
Le secret c'est qui'il faut agir comme un magicien, et non comme un artiste :) :) :)
Le magicien effectue un "changement": il "emballe" l'objet (ici le caractère) avec une couche de poudre magic (lime ou orange, pas d'importance) puis il donne un coup de baguette magique et...floups! Le 'é' de la première ligne devient un 'è' dans la deuxième ligne.
L'artiste par contre, il "efface" son oeuvre quand ce n'est pas à son goût et il recommence. Brèf, il 'delete' le 'é', puis tape un 'è' à la place.
Donc voilà :P , il fallait que je change de statut tout simplement en devenant magicien.

2017-02-05 05:21

O sis, so bro! E' proprio un "obbrobrio"! Ma che brio però! ?

2017-02-04 00:02

Ah quelle langue chanceuse qui peut utiliser emordnilap dans une phrase... et sans vous mordre la langue aussi!

2017-02-01 12:10

??and ? maybe? But I would first ask you a permission code to delete my nonsens here ⁉️

2017-01-31 19:40

るすになにする??What will you do when I'm out?

2017-01-30 19:01

Yes but the problem is that even some language symbols (e.g. Japanese??, Math etc..) too could not be fully interpreted and the major problem is that if one of those are in the middle or beginning the rest of the message was gone forever; I wanted to make it robust and try something new... and BTW aren't they cool? ? ...oh and BTW that's not a chocolate ice-cream ? you know that!

2017-01-30 15:54

Btw: Wasn't this supposed as a 'linguistic site' :) ?

2017-01-30 15:52

Boh...the most comfortable way for making palindromes, (using your tool here), is to juggle with letters and words on a real keyboard of a PC (if you have one lol), and keyboard has no emoji. And those emoji on my phone are so small that I could interpret your chocolate ice for something else AH!

2017-01-30 14:19

Heya! About "unnoticeable" work on the website.. You cannot imagine how many tries and work there was just to display those emoticons (technically called "Emoji") that we're inclined to insert when commenting via phone. If you tried this earlier a single emoji in the middle of a comment would have truncated the rest of the message. I'm writing this via Firefox and I'm surprised I can see and type all these emoticons. A whole weekend of hard work ?.. just to display this ?