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Heracleum Palindrome en

Mad future nonsense

2015-11-17 09:50Author Author:

Sir! Bedlam in Aral: oscillate metallic solar animal debris


Length 49

Author's description

2015-11-17 17:06

In a dark future where the sky is pitch black, no stars and madhouses entertainment is serious business, a dedicated team has the honourable task to locate clouds of metallic debris -caused by the disintegration of decommissioned solar panels shaped as flying creatures - and light them up via oscillation to create a great gig in the sky of simulated dancing stars.


2017-05-13 04:49

+heracleums, as noted, you asked for feedback in the "Wordplay on G+" community. As its owner/moderator, let me thank you for visiting and offer my impression:

I think your palindrome is wonderful! Palindromes in _any_ language are difficult to create. Much harder than anagrams, my own specialty.

Your palindrome requires explanation, but it's a fun bit. Sounds almost like the premise for a science fiction novel!

Even better, your wordplay entry is _both_ a palindrome _and_ an anagram! It's a palindrome, of course, because the spelling is the same forward and backward. But it's an anagram, too, because the letters can also be rearranged to make a different sentence. For example:

"Ill-controlled barbarianism maims idle, ill-at-ease rascal."

or perhaps

"Ladies' man: ill-controlled racialism, ill-at-ease barbarism."

I imagine our colleague, +Christopher Davis, could improve on these. But I don't see how to improve on your palindrome. Thanks for posting. We look forward to your future inputs!

2017-05-12 17:25

Yes "dangerous paths" especially when we dare messing with sentences in other languages. I asked for feedback in Wordplay community on G+, let's see.

2015-11-18 17:15

Hmm...You are walking on dangerous paths, boy! But after finding the archaic sense of the word 'bedlam', I understand better :)