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Ahumm...Two-Way Palindrome

2016-05-21 15:50Author Author:
Lara Croft

'Sloot' warning is a sign in raw tools...


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2016-02-02 11:37

If, while driving through the countryside, a road sign mentions "Attention Sloot!", you 'd better be careful because mud and flood could make the passage difficult. (Consider the wooden or metal road sign as a raw tool).
If, while crossing 'Le Bois de Boulogne' in Paris at night, your friend warns you that a 'Sloot' is approaching you, you'd better be careful to keep your pants on. (Consider that the word 'Sloot' is used as a vulgar and 'raw' language).
'Sloot' is a variant for slut (US slang). Origins from South African language/Dutch where it means 'ditch', in Dutch also 'sluis/sluit', and even 'slet', 'bitch'...all similar but other meaning. And we could have endless discussions if there was not such word as 'sloth'...


2016-05-21 15:50

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