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Ignore the red lights...

2015-10-19 10:05Author Author:
Lara Croft

Loop door 't rood, Pool!


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2015-09-26 21:09

Short, and (I know) not very polite, sorry, but...correct?
In French: Passe le feu rouge, Polonais!
In English: Ignore the stoplight, Polish!


2015-10-06 18:50

Well, in Dutch there's an educational saying, with literal translation: "You always have to speak with two words". So we use 'mister', or 'sir', or 'madame' etc.
But anyway, this short sentence is some kind of shouting, order, so applying politeness here would be weird in all cases :P
I just mean that in a non-palindrome-world we would simple say: "Loop door 't rood, man!". :)

2015-10-03 17:32

Not very polite? Why?