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2016-10-20 19:15Autore Autore:
Lara Croft

"Maps on. Liam stops. Don't nod. Spots mail. No spam."


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2016-10-16 17:44

A little bit of imagination is needed here, let me create the picture around this palindrome.
Detective X is getting instructions from his boss who's using very short messages. The same message in detail would sound like: "Ok, time for you Detective X to turn on your smartphone and check google maps. You will notice that Liam (the guy I asked you to follow) just stopped a few meters in front of you. Be careful not to give any sign, not even with your head, you have to operate discretely. You will also remark that Liam is spotting his mail now, trying to detect some signs. Here comes the crucial moment to send him a short instruction-message but please, don't spam him!


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2016-10-21 01:33

Oh? Thanks, it's weird but I didn't even pay attention to that! So can I have an award now maybe ? :)))

2016-10-20 19:34

Nice one! Funny how many palindromes in English work by just mirroring each word like in this one, the spaces stay in place when flipping rhe whole sentence. This rarely happens in Italian!

2016-10-20 19:18

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2016-10-20 19:15

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