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Hit or bulletproof?

2015-11-26 17:27Autore Autore:
Lara Croft

I did wonder if I fired... Now, did I?


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2015-10-17 21:48

I didn't remember me very well if I pulled the trigger or not.


2023-04-04 08:48

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2015-11-26 17:27

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2015-11-26 14:53

@heracleums: Mmm...well ok, I changed it. By splitting the sentence, it should be interpreted following way:
"I did wonder (one second ago) if I fired (one minute ago)... Now (at this moment), can you tell me, can you confirm me if I really did it? (one minute ago)

2015-10-22 08:47

Nice and flowing smoothly. I 'now' wonder if a mother tongue would find curious the time references: wondering in the past for a present action :) but that could be easily explained if you're presented the chance to travel back in time and relive the shooting scene?