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Harmony between good and evil

2016-05-21 15:50Auteur Auteur:
Lara Croft

Gnoma's evil dogs lived & devil's god lives among.


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2015-11-18 16:05

From the moment that every God owns something devilish, every Devil also owns something godlike. Good and Evil living together like a married couple that is squabbling during daytime but still making love at night. When the master of gnomes (also called Gnoma) lost his last war against the Devil, he begged the demon to take his life but let his dear loved but nefarious dogs live forever in return... The Devil, in a 'goodish' mood, offered him a survival 'pact' and Gnoma's dogs would become immortal if every dog would carry with him a part of the Devil's Goodness in their soul. Amen.


2016-05-21 15:50

a approuvé ça